The Lion-Blade Saga

The Lion-Blade Saga follows the tooth-and-nail struggle of mankind against the unstoppable Sarsaul, a race of predators from another world. Decades of war have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Those few left spend nearly their entire lives in vast underground shelters. Most of those survivors have never even seen the light of the sun as they eke out a meager existence trying to survive the ravages of an endless war. Born into desperate times, Lumar Lee must learn how to harness his powers as an Adept, super humans with powerful psychic abilities, to fight back against the Sarsaul so that someday humanity can be free of their alien oppressors and live in the light once again. The Lion-Blade Saga begins with When Darkness Reigns, continues with solemnity into Remembrance, rises through Regicide and continues with the next installment, the Waking coming soon.

Preston Regicide cover.png

When Darkness Reigns

October 7, 2016


July 7, 2017


April 1, 2018


The Waking

August 27, 2020