The Long Night Before the Waking

Welcome back. Today, I’d like to dedicate this post to the ones who have been on the journey with me since the beginning of the Lion-Blade Saga. To get you ready to jump back into the series with The Waking, coming August 27th, 2020, here’s a recap of what’s happened so far in the Lion-Blade Saga.

Spoiler warning! If you haven’t read When Darkness Reigns, Remembrance, or Regicide, click here to pick up a copy of When Darkness Reigns instead reading what lies ahead.

By the time Sangent is destroyed in When Darkness Reigns, humanity has already been at war with the Sarsaul for nearly two decades. During that time, humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction. A few strongholds still stand above ground, but most of humanity has been forced to hide in the dark below the ruins of once great cities all across the globe.

After years of crushing victories, the Sarsaul warmachine finally begins to lose steam. Some even think that it’s safe to live above ground again since it’s been years since a major Sarsaul attack on US soil. But humans are prey and a hunter can only be tempted for so long.

The temptation of Sangent is too great for the Sarsaul to resist. The horde sweeps through the city's defenses in one night. Lumar and his childhood best friend Nate get swept up into the desperate defense of their home. They fight alongside Sangent’s other defenders, but the Sarsaul force is too vast, too powerful to be stopped by the tiny garrison.

Just before all hope of survival is lost, Lumar and Nate escape with Radcliff, Ford, Jesse, Wallace, and the small number of other civilians that survived the attack. They flee to Guardrige, a massive fortress in the Rocky Mountains. There they come under the command of General Derricks. Radcliff and Derricks have a tense history, but despite that, Derricks sends Radcliff back out to Sangent to try and hunt down the Sarsaul force that destroyed the city.

When the group returns to Sangent, they search for survivors, but only find one man barely clinging to life. They patch him up as best they can and take him with them to hunt down the Sarsaul that destroyed their home.

After hunting the Sarsaul back to their home base, Radcliff sets up a beacon to summon Derrick’s army to wipe out the Sarsaul infestation. Before reinforcements can arrive, the Sarsaul attack. Desperately outnumbered, the others have to try and survive until reinforcements arrive.

When all hope seems lost, the survivor wakes up, casts Lumar aside with a blast of telekinetic energy, and obliterates the Sarsaul swarm with flames summoned from thin air. After dealing with the bulk of the horde, the fire-flinging Adept races into the heart of the Sarsaul compound and collapses. Superhuman power washes over Lumar to fight off a giant Sarsaul tyrant that emerges from a teleporter right in front of the fallen Adept. As the tyrant falls, Derricks’ reinforcements arrive.

Lumar is left wondering what came over him and what to do with these new powers that he’s spent nearly his whole life dreaming of, but never believed he would ever have.

As we open on Remembrance, Radcliff confides in Lumar that he is an Adept as well, but that he doesn’t trust the way the government has been using Adepts to fight the war. He urges Lumar to keep his powers secret so that he isn’t taken away to join Season, the organization that regulates and controls all other Adepts.

The group learns that the Adept they rescued from the ruins of Sangent is named Garen after he finally wakes up from passing out from overexerting his power. Garen and Radcliff work together to train Lumar in secret while Derricks pulls together a plan to strike back against the Sarsaul.

While the plans are being made and Lumar’s training continues, Pueblo, a nearby city, experiences a meltdown of their nuclear reactor. The citizens are evacuated to Guardridge, but during the evacuation, Sarsaul infiltrators are discovered. One of the infiltrators attacks Nate who panics. This leads to a slaughter of dozens of innocent refugees while the garrison at Guardridge tries to limit the possibility of more sabotage by the Sarsaul’s sleeper agents.

While the reactor repairs are underway, the Sarsaul attack Guardridge. Lumar and the others defend the wall around the fortress fighting off elites and other Sarsaul trying to break into the base. Fortunately, due to their training and the air support from Guardridge’s fleet, the garrison holds back the attack.

Shortly after this attack is repelled, Derricks finishes preparations on Operation Regicide, a major offensive to strike back against the Sarsaul in Ecuador, the site of a major battle in the early days of the war.

As Remembrance comes to a close, Derricks gives a passionate speech demanding that the Sarsaul pay for everything they’ve done to humanity.

In Regicide the campaign to invade Sarsaul occupied territory unfolds. Before the fleet can even land and establish a foothold, the Sarsaul attack. The Sarsaul shoot down one of the cargo ships before they make it to their destination, forcing the rest of the fleet to land and mount a rescue operation.

Lumar and the others lead a charge into the Sarsaul infested jungles to try and rescue the crew of the downed airship, but not before thousands of soldiers lose their lives to the Sarsaul horde. After rescuing as many survivors as can be saved, the group salvages a massive ground weapon called the Hercules, a massive tank that serves as a mobile fortress.

Using the Hercules, Radcliff leads the expedition deeper and deeper into Sarsaul territory. Several smaller strongholds fall before them, but with each new encounter, the Sarsaul put up greater resistance.

In the end, the expeditionary forces encounter a massive Sarsaul hive brimming with powerful Sarsaul elites and princes. The battle goes poorly. Nate and Lumar square up against one of the elites, but the two of them are overpowered. Nate is gravely wounded before Lumar can finish off the elite. Lumar tries to rescue Nate, but his injuries are too severe for him to heal with his fledgling Adept abilities. Nate dies in Lumar’s arms right before Lumar is able to get him back to the relative safety of the Hercules.

Seeing that the battle is all but lost, Radcliff enters the fray and unleashes all of his Adept strength. He smashes the elites that have been ravaging their forces and singlehandedly holds off the entire Sarsaul horde while the others escape back to their base.

After suffering heavy losses, Derricks decides to send Lumar, Jesse, Ford, and Wallace back to the States. Derricks wants to use Lumar’s abilities to defend a secret project he has been working on. While the others are sent back to the States, Radcliff and Garen are left behind in Ecuador to continue their battles against the worst the Sarsaul can throw at them.

When we rejoin the adventure, our team is fragmented and about to face something far worse and far more sinister than anything the Sarsaul have yet thrown at them. The True Sarsaul are waking.

Lion-Blade Saga Book Four: The Waking is coming August 27th, 2020. Pre-orders are open now! Order your copy now.

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