Danielle A. Ration

MLIS Grad Student and Emerging Author

Greetings, fellow bipeds. Allow me to share a few things about myself. First and foremost, I'm an Oklahoma native with a wanderer's heart looking to venture into new places and new adventures. In an effort to make that dream happen, I'm working on a degree in Library & Info Sciences at the University of Oklahoma. I hope to find a public library position that allows me to work with YA/teens. When I'm not planning for the next adventure in this realm, I create my own, predominantly dealing in contemporary fantasy.



"Coauthored Adventures"

YouTube Channel Development

Preston and I are currently in the planning stages for a YouTube channel showcasing our writing endeavors as well as the adventures we have in experiencing all kinds of stories.

Novel in Development

Working Title: "Magistics"

I'm in the revision stages of a story I drafted during NaNoWriMo 2018. Think The Magicians meets Community. Here is the current synopsis:

"Mira had it all planned out: go to the best Ivy League magistics school on her way to becoming the next best alchemist. All that changed when she got back her acceptance letters, leaving the local Merlin Community College as her only option. 

But after first semester begins, she starts noticing a disturbing trend in illnesses and deaths around campus, and with that, rumors begin that mana drain may be connected. What if she's next? All she wants to do is pass class. Can she manage to undercover the truth before she flunks out of her Portions class? Time will tell, but it's already working against her."


Mostly Apparel Projects

With grad school and general daily anxiety, I have taken to knitting in between obligations and have found it to be a significant help in keeping me focused. However, it makes me want to buy All. The. Yarn. I've completed two sweaters for myself. Current WIP's include a sweater for my brother-in-law and a summer crop top I hope to start soon.